Hassle - Free
Social Media Marketing
and Management Services

Hassle -Free
Social Media Marketing and Management Services

You don’t have to do it alone. Let me take the burden of managing your social media accounts so you can focus on running your business.

Social Media Marketing Process

Social media marketing is not just about posting random things every day on your page or account. This will not bring you results and worst can even hurt your brand. An effective social media marketing is made of a well-thought-out strategy that is in line with your marketing efforts.

With this, I developed a process that guides me in creating a winning social media strategy that is specific to your business needs.

Research and assessment

Keep up with your competitors by learning what strategy works well for your industry.

Client discussion

All strategies and campaigns are tailored to fit your business needs and to meet your expectations.

Active engagement

Audience engagement is very important in growing your social media page or accounts. Connecting and interacting with them will help you build their trust which later on turns them into customers.

Report and evaluation

Measure your results and evaluate your marketing efforts on social media.

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My Services

I understand that growing a business requires tons of time and work. You wear too many hats and with all the tasks you need to complete you start to feel like you have multiple full-time jobs. Hiring me means one less thing on your plate that you have to worry about.

Strategy Development

Page Optimization

Campaign Development and Management

Paid Social Ads Setup and Management

Community Building and

Content Creation and Scheduling

Reporting & Evaluation


“Geraldine is a competent and professional digital marketer. Her work ethic is strong, she is well organized and her calm demeanor is a pleasure to work with. She is able to research and present her findings in a clear and concise way, manage multiple accounts across different platforms that relate to the business, and devise effective marketing strategies. I highly recommend her skills and guidance in the world of digital marketing.”

Sam Gardner

“Geraldine was lovely to work with. I would work with her again. She was helpful and followed up with me and went out of her way to teach me.”

Leyla Guzman

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Book a Free Assessment

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